Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unit One Done!

Finally, after months (OK, years...but that is a different story) I have finally completed my NYIP unit one photos! They go out in the morning, no if's and's or but's about it. For reference below are my three images, the first stopping motion using a fast shutter speed. The second is using selective focus to place focus on a subject, and the third is showing a large Depth of Field (DoF) in an image.

The first image was difficult in the fact that I limited my DoF to such a small area. I did this to blur the background and place the focus on the frisbee. However, to do this I had to capture the frisbee in an imaginary box that was about four inches deep. Any idea how hard it is to hit an area around four inches deep with a frisbee? My wife does (thank you beautiful!). The second image was more of an afterthought. The morning I took thi photo there was a low lying fog across the golf course and I went out to capture the interaction with the fog and the sunrise. Unfortunately there was no real interaction so I turned my attention to the golf ball. I tried to show the image in a unique perspective which I feel made the difference between ordinary and something more. For the third, it was a pet project. Once I read the requirements for this assignment the first thing I though of was soldiers storming the beach. In the end, I should have abandoned the idea as an assignment and came back to it on my own later. I could not achieve the long DoF I wanted and still get close enough to the toy soldiers to show real detail. I did not want them to feel small even though they are only an inch tall. I was unable to blend both the closeness I wanted with the DoF I needed and I think the image may have suffered because I refused to simply move on to a new subject. Oh well, you learn from your mistakes.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Very creative, Joe! You should get a good assessment!

  2. Thank you for your fedback, and thank you for being my one and only follower! Now I have to put more content up to entertain my loyal follwers!