Monday, April 11, 2011

Sudden fascination with Panorama

I was able to go off and shoot freely Sunday at a nearby plantation. I have been studying a few different photo books and became obsessed with making panorama shots from multiple images. The one below is about 20 images splices together in Photoshop:
I should spend a bit more time with the pre-processing of the image. It is essentially a 180 degree compilation so the exposures were different as I went from left to right. You can see the nice blue sky above the tree, but the sky is blown out over the plantation house (where the sun was in the sky). However, what you see above you is about 10 minutes of total processing, which is how long PS takes to work with 20 RAW images. I did nothing to them prior to sending them thru photomerge. But it is a blast and the results are not too bad.

Short post today, but thanks for reading.