Monday, June 7, 2010

Off and Running

So, I finally started to get my act together. My wife and I spent a good hour or more throwing a frisbee at my camera in order to try and catch it mid-flight. One of my assignments was to capture motion, either by using a fast shutter speed to stop the motion or to use a slow one to exaggerate the blur. I tried both, and I have yet to decide a winner. However, we took some time off and shot some other stuff, namely Floyd (see above). I love his ears, but it was so hard to get him to sit still long enough to take the shot. I was trying to distort his head like you see on those funny greetinjg cards. In hindsight I see now I was using the wrong lens (it was 50mm and should have been my 18mm). But nonetheless it blurred the background nicely and gave me a great head shot. I plan to review my pictures tonight and post up the first NYIP submission soon. Stay tuned!

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